Capable. Focused. Fast.

An editor for macOS

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1ticker := time.NewTicker(500 * time.Millisecond) 2done := make(chan bool) 3go func() { 4 5 6select { 7case t := <-ticker.C: 8fmt.Println("Tick at", t) 9case <-done: 10return 11} 12} 13 14 15time.Sleep(1600 * time.Millisecond) 16ticker.Stop() 17done <- true 18fmt.Println("Ticker stopped") 19 20 21 22 23if done { 24time.Sleep(10000 * time.Millisecond)

Built for macOS

Chime was designed to be a model citizen on the Mac. Even its extensions are native.

Less is more

Our whole philosophy is built around focus. Chime blends modern features with a minimalist UI.

Driven by semantics

Chime supports Language Server Procotol, and extensions can offer even deeper project integration.

Stay in the know

We send out occasional updates

We also blog sometimes.