Information Collection and Use

We do receive crash reports from our applications. These are purely to help us improve our products, and are not used for any other purposes. They do not intentionally contain any forms of personally identifiable information. But, should they ever capture any accidentally, they will be deleted. You may opt-out of sharing crash reports with us.

Our licensing process requires both a name and email address. These pieces of information are not stored by our system, and exist only within the license material we send to you. You cannot opt out of providing an email address during the issuing of a license.

The Chime application will check for renewed licenses automatically by default. This feature is provided as a convenience, to automate the process of installing renewed licenses on your computer. You can opt-out of this behavior.

The Chime application will check for software updates automatically by default. This is also provided for convenience. You can opt-out of this behavior.

Mailing List

Signing up for our mailing list is completely optional, and is not required for any functionality. If you do choose to sign up, your email and name may be recorded by a third-party on our behalf. We use Mailchimp, and they have a separate privacy policy you can review.


We may use "cookies" on our website for the purposes of gathering information about its visitors.


Our products can be used to view and modify data that is often highly sensitive and secret. We take its security seriously. Our products will never transmit or record any data from files opened by users.

If you believe you have found a security issue in our product or website, please contact us immediately. We also publish a security.txt file.

Sharing Data

Chime Systems Inc. is a Canadian corporation. We minimize the data we collect, and have no personally-identifiable data to share. But, we may be legally forced to provide information we do have to authorities. We have never been asked to do that.

Legal Representation

This policy was obviously not written by lawyers. It is not legally binding. However, we reserve the right produce a binding version in the future. We'll do our best to keep the spirit the same. If you have an issue with this, please get in touch with us about it.